How To: Give Java More Ram - Make Minecraft Faster

Give Java More Ram - Make Minecraft Faster


  • Be careful giving Memory to Java, I recommend leaving at least 2gb to your computer for the operating system and any background processes. This can result in Ram getting overloaded and PC crashes
Video By TechHutus (me)

How To Allocate More RAM to Java

Alright so in this tutorial we are going to be learning how to give Java access to more of the computers Ram than it is given by Default. It is a simple and easy process, here is how to do it.

Step 1 Open your Java Options

  2. Type 'Java' inside the 'Search Control Panel' box.
  3. Click the Java icon that pops up.
  4. Click the Java tab.
  5. Click View...

Step 2 Change the Amount of Ram

Here is where you are going to change the amount of ram that java has access to. Under "Java Runtime Parameters" you are going to want to type in -Xmx**** and replace the **** with the amount of ram you want to add. This is going to be in Megabytes so if you want to add (for example) 2 Gigabytes of Memory you are going to want to type -Xmx2048. If you want to find the number for you just search up a Mb to Gb converter.

Step 3 Finish Up

Click "Ok" and then "Ok" again. This may require a computer restart to take effect.

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Now i tryed this, but my java is no longer wokring. hven i join a server it crashes instantly. is there something to do to reverse it?

It's not always better to give Java more ram, if you give it too much it will keep building up until it reached like the 2 GBs of ram, then it would have to dump that, then fill up the amount of ram again then repeat. So it's not always better to give more ram to Java, it would just take longer to fill up and then get rid of all of the files (or what ever they are called, i learned this in school so it might not be %100 what my teacher said)

WARNING!!! Do not do this without moving your save otr of the save folder, this deletes everything associated with Java so this method is a terrible idea. I'm so mad that I'm not going to ever play minecraft ever again, it deleted my crazy craft 2.0 world with zero warning. Don't listen to this post, it actually slows all Java processes down

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