News: Hardcore Objective - Noobish Pumpkin Trails! [Ep.1]

Hardcore Objective - Noobish Pumpkin Trails! [Ep.1]

This is Episode one of our new show/series of "Minecraft: Hardcore Objective". In this episode we will be trying out a little design that flag made up in around 20min. This episode is the the best due to the fact it was recorded 40min after it was decided to be done. All future episodes will be harder, more planned out, and better objectives. If you have any ideas feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Minecraft Games Server:

BrandonHopkins: Recorder, Editor, Player
Spirtwo: Player (first to die)
Bloodbug1: Player (didn't die)
Flagruna: Player, Objective Designer

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